The most difficult choice: DECORATIONS!

A wedding cake is not a wedding cake without scenic beauty, luxury, fabulousness and finally, but not less important, an insuperable taste. You can choose  what you want to decorate your cake, but don’t forget this thing: cake must be coordinated to all the other decorative elements of the marriage ceremony. You must to pay attention to choose a color that doesn’t clash with tablecloths, curtains, bride’s dresses , napkins, flowers and so on.

Basic models

  1. Soft sponge-cake with cream or chocolate covered with whipped cream. Sponge-cake can be replaced with Chantilly cream (a mix of cream and whipped cream flavored by chocolate, fruits or hazelnuts).


a.      Decorated with fruits: preferably fruits have to be red, like strawberries or soft fruits.

b.      Decorated with chocolate: it’s the most simple way to give to the cake a very sophisticated look.


c.      Decorated with flowers: generally decorations are red roses, the flower of passion, but it’s not necessary. What matters is the coordination between flowers on the cake and flowers in the room and bouquet.  The most used flowers, after roses, are lilies, tulips, gardenia and daisies.

d.      Decorated with marzipan: it’s a new tecnique which make possible every kind of decoration.

e.      Decorated with Macarons: it’s a new tendency imported by France in the last years by Ladurree.

f.       Decorated with fondant or sugar paste: with this compound it’s possible to create real sculptures . It’s a tradition imported by Anglo-Saxons.

2.   “millefoglie”:  it’s composed by  some layers of puff pastry and some layers of chocolate or Chantilly or fruits.

3.  Fruits cake: a layer of shortbread and cream covered with fresh fruits. It’ perfect for ceremonies during summer.

What about taste?

Taste must be pleasant for every guest, for this reason is advisable to choose a cake without liqueur. Recently cake makers started to use some particular exotic spices as complementary ingredients: ginger, anise, hot chocolate and coconut.  For marriage ceremonies during summer it’s better to choose fruits cake or soft lemon mousse.

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