White or not?

When we think about wedding, we think about white. Why this? Probably because white symbolizes chastity, sacredness, innocence, spiritual authority and redemption. The white dress of the bride indicates her purity and decency. This is the reason why wedding tradition wants that only a virgin female can get married with a white dress. Obviously not everybody respect this restriction and everyone chooses his color following his desires.

Wedding is a dream that become true. In the dreams of all the script repeats itself: the bride wearing a white dress arrives arm in arm with her dad between crowd and flowers and goes out arm in arm with her husband in a rice’s rain. They cut wedding cake together and finally distribute smiles, sweet confections and favors.  Wedding is an eternal rite touched lightly by short-lived trends.  So it’s sufficient a personal touch to transform the ceremony in a event that nobody will forget.

When brides choose the dominant color for their ceremony, they follow their personal tastes, trends and also the meaning related to it.  It’s really important that color doesn’t stun the guests. For this reason color have to be adapted to the atmosphere of the ceremony.


Red is the color of activity and movement, so it’s adapted to a convivial and sparkling ceremony. Don’t forget that it’s also the color of passion and love.


Blue or light blue are relaxing colors, adapted to an intimate and cozy ceremony.


Green is associated to Venere, love’s goddess. It’s good for ceremonies during summer or spring.

Yellow and orange

Yellow and orange symbolizes energy, so they’re adapted to a playful ceremony in particular during hot seasons.


Violet is the color of spirituality and it’s adapted to a smart ceremony.



A white wedding cake is classic and smart. You can add a touch of color through decorations and tablecloth, on which it’s a good custom to lean some petals. Remember that details make the difference!

The most diffused wedding cake’s colors in addition to white are light blue, pistachio, rum pink and lavender.

However there aren’t rules that force you to choose one of this colors. Cake is a design’s object , so it could be the result of a lot of experiments and most of all it could be the result of fantasy and creativity of cake-designers that match your requests. If you really want to be unique and original, make your cake a cool designed object that mixes colors, forms and decorations in a new way.

Wedding cake tells your story, so let us to know something about you watching your wedding cake.

Are you a mould-breaker? Do you want to unsettle gravity? Choose a cake that breaks traditional forms and rules!

Are you a fashion addicted? Can’t you get along without your favorite brands? Choose a cake that shows to everyone your passion!

Do you like laces and feathers? Are you a fan of this style? That’s not a problem!

Do you like to travel? Your dream is to travel all over the world? Transform your cake in a travelling bag!

Are you too excited to talk? Let your cake do it for you!


This is only a little taste of you can do with a cake. So, don’t worry if you don’t recognize yourself in these categories, find a good cake-designer and free your fantasy!

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