It depends on culture

Tell me your wedding theme and I’ll say you who you are!

Theme wedding means choose a theme that will be the central thread of the ceremony. It’s a new trend destined for a successful development.  Scenography, flowers, favors, dresses, wedding cake, placeholders and the other details are all part of a plan specifically devised.

The theme necessarily has to be part of brides’ story or reflects their personal tastes.  It must have a meaning and let you know something about the couple.

Some successful themes

a. Color theme: the idea is to choose a color or two that will be the conductors of all the event. It’s doubtless the most sober choice.

b. Sea theme: location have to be near the sea and menu have to be based on fish. Tables can be decorated with transparent vases full of sand, cobblestones, seashells and sea stars. It’s a very suggesting theme during summer.

c. Musical theme: it can be classical or modern. The first one ranges over musicians like Vivaldi, Verdi, Bellini etc. The second one allows songs revealing for the couple. Music have to be live. This theme is similar to poetic and artistic theme.

d. Fairy-tale theme: setting is delicate, magic and enchanting. Bride wears a wedding dress full of net and precious materials and a diadem on the head, like a princess. She arrives in a carriage drown by white horses. Location is a castle or an ancient manor.

A new theme: ethnical wedding

It’s the ideal theme for couple coming from different places or lovers of far cultures. Brides can combine different traditions, stiles and habits, showing the customs of their own country. Personalization of every detail is strictly related to customs and traditions of the selected culture. Obviously wedding cakes too have to be related to the theme.

1. Indian wedding

According to the Indian traditions wedding is not only an event:  it’s the spiritual union between two souls. Scenographies are breathtaking, full of precious tissues, pillows and small low tables. The bride wears a white silk sari and everywhere around you it’s possible to find satin, pailettes and laces, even on the cake.


2. Japanese wedding

In Japan weddings are full of color and brightness.  During ceremony the bride change dress around four times, starting with a white kimono and concluding with full-color clothes. The cuisine is strictly based on sushi.

3. Chinese wedding

The main color of the ceremony is red, symbol of lucky and happiness it keeps away the wicked. All around you there are silk and porcelain and a show of lanterns, butterflies and dragons-shaped. Dragon symbolizes man and phoenix symbolizes woman. Menu follows the aroma of tea and wedding cards have the names wrote as Chinese ideograms.

4. Moroccan wedding

The setting is full of pillows and narghilè under a colored curtain following Tuareg style. The ceremony can be enlivened by an atmosphere of music and dance.

5. Russian wedding

Traditional clothes, porcelains, embroidered napkins, luxurious teapots and Russian dance. The wedding cake can be Matrioska-shaped, following Russian traditions.

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