FOCUS ON: cake toppers!


A cake topper is a miniature of the brides: it can be placed on the top of the wedding cake, generally as a representation of the married couple wearing wedding clothes, with the bride in a long white wedding dress ,with veil, and the groom in the traditional black dress.

Cake toppers are often the only part of the wedding cake that can be kept over the years, obviously apart from photos.

The wedding cake topper was dominant in United States in the 1950s as a representation of togetherness. In recent times it had a real evolution from plastic cake toppers to creative decorations!


The classical cake toppers change into a mirror for the brides, in which they reflect their hobbies, interests and features.  Plastic bride and groom wedding cake toppers are OUT, creative decorations that reflect their styles and personalities are IN!

If you have already find the perfect wedding cake, you miss only the icing on the cake: the cake topper! There is a very large spectrum of models on the market. Some craftsmen can realize personal  ones that you can buy on-line, ordering cake toppers in your image, for example enclosing your photos to the order, asking the cake-designer for some personal or witty  details, buying particular ones choosing the materials between wax, crystal, porcelain, wrought iron and so on.

Cake toppers are often in bad taste: approximate silhouettes, trivial patterns and grotesque caricatures. So, be careful when you choose your designer and don’t forget new trends: paper, wood and textile cake toppers!

Humorous cake toppers

They make a real statement about who you are. From the bride who is still shopping to the football-addicted groom or the poor chained husband.

Ethnic traditional cake toppers

Such as the brides in Indian traditional dresses or symbolic words in other languages that wish happiness for the couple.

Personalized wedding cake toppers

From caricatures to wedding photo hearts and crystal monogram cake letters and dates.

Non-traditional cake toppers

For the same-sex couples or the non conventional ones.


Glance at some unusual cake toppers

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