Double wedding cake for William & Kate

Royal family’s wedding ,on 29 April, can be considered the media event of the year. Everybody in Britain and not only is waiting for this. William & Kate’s love story has ever been chatted on for its resemblance to Lady Diana’s story. In the last months a lot of indiscretions about their wedding appeared on magazines, websites, TGs and so on. The main reason of this interest is not only the popularity of the couple, but also the symbolic value of the union between the English prince and the lady.

After Lady Diana’s death, everybody is waiting for a good conclusion. Her story gained  a lot of importance for British people, that soon got on with the princess for her similarity to a common woman. She was humble and pretty, not like her rival Camilla. Following the “fairy tale” started by Diana, Kate is in the collective imagination worthy of to be the next princess.  This is a very weighty inheritance for the young Kate.    


There are many common elements between the royal wedding heppened in 1981 and this: in particular we can mention the engagement ring that William gived to Kate and the horse coach which was used for Carlo & Diana’s wedding. Kate preferred a common car to move to Buckingham Palace like all the other brides, but, like tradition wants , she will get carried away in the “State Landau” which in the 1981 carried William’s parents.

This isn’t the only disagreement element between the young brides. Recently media told about the wedding cake’s choice.  William and Kate don’t agree about the best cake for their ceremony: this is the reason why they decided to serve two different wedding cakes! The one chosen by Kate will be a fruit cake on more levels, decorated with the royal coat of arms of the couple on the top and with eatable flowers traditionally assigned to Britain’s nations: England, Scotland, Galles and Northern Ireland.


The other one, chosen by William, is a typical English recipe loved by the prince but it should be a “secret”. However everybody knows that we are talking about brownie. The cake-designer of the fruit cake will be Fiona Cairns.  She revealed that the cake will not be colored, but classical and mellow. Every level will have a different theme.  She will follow the creative ideas of Kate. The chocolate one, on the other hand, will be made by Mcvitie’s.

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