FOCUS ON: menu

Bridal feast needs an articulate organization, which includes the menu, a list of the courses. The advice on menu’s choice is to follow the traditional sequence:

–          the “antipasto”;

–          two first courses;

–          the main course (meat or fish) with the side dish;

–          a fruit or mint sorbet;

–          another meat’s dish with vegetables on the side;

–          a mellow cheese’s tasting on the cutting board;

–          an ice-cream, a fruit bowl or a mousse;

–          the wedding cake;

–          biscuits and pralines to be served with coffees.

Bridal feast is very long, for this reason it’s necessary to introduce some “breaks” during the courses to allow the guests to stretch one’s legs and to socialize. During this pauses can be added dances, games, karaoke or a  slide show. The total duration of the feast have to be not more than two hours.

The most important prerogative for the menu is to be in keeping with the season and the style of the ceremony, for example preferring white meat during hot season and red meat and fowl during cold season. If there are a lot of children it’s a good idea to arrange a special menu for them.  

Commit yourself to a good sommelier for wines’ choice not to place side by side excellent foods and weak wines. A little suggestion :

–          Champagne or “prosecco” with the “antipasto”;   

–          Light white wine with the first courses;

–          Dry white wine with fish;

–          Young red wine with white meat;

–          Full-bodied red wine with red meat and fowl;

–          Sweet sparkling wine or Muscat for desserts.

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