A CESARO ATELIER’s experience (part 1)

Probably nobody knows where Valmadonna is, but everybody heard about Cesaro Atelier. Since 1970 to the present it has been one of the most popular ateliers in this area and not only thanks to the many collaborations with other regions.  From the production of wedding favors to the production of wedding dresses, on 2008 Cesaro atelier expanded itself including the luxury restaurant “Principe Rosso” designed by Olga Lattanzi. With the intention to offer personalized, exclusive and tailor-made wedding dresses, this atelier makes possible for a bride to be unique and beautiful. A professional team is ever on hand to suggest you the wedding dress that enhance your figure.

This is a beautiful sentence that I found on the official website:  http://www.cesaroatelier.it/home/ita/home.html

“Mi dà una grande gioia vedere gli abiti prendere vita indossati dalle nostre spose, penso che ogni abito nasca per una sola sposa, quello che facciamo noi è creare e proporre modelli unici che incontrano spose uniche” M. Cesaro


My personal experience

Day 1

When I arrived at Cesaro atelier I was surprised by the beautiful scene of the park and the building’s architecture. It’s like to be plunged into a fairy-tale dimension in which the fountain, the vegetation and the environment create an harmonious atmosphere.

Going into the atelier you find yourself in a room full of every kind of wedding favors . All around you there are colored and particular objects to be used as favors for a special wedding and not only: there are favors also for baptisms, degrees and so on. You are only spoilt for choice.

You can choose depending on the color, the design and even the utility of the object. Flowers, ash trays, vases, frames, silver pets, candles, sweet confections bags, glass objects are only some of the all favors in the room.

I want to mention particular cake toppers that surprise me for their creativity and originality. This couple of brides is joined by magnets that allow them to kiss. They are particular not only for this strange capacity but also for their style: they don’t look as classical dressed brides.

Carrying on the visit you arrive into the heart of the atelier: the room of wedding dresses.  There are a lot of beautiful male and female dresses but the number  isn’t the most surprising thing. On the contrary the most amazing thing is their peculiarity and originality.

It striked me that there are a lot of particular colors, stiles and tissues. Paolo Cesaro , owner’s son, showed  me the cult of the year: black female wedding dresses and accessorizes designed by his wife! He said me that unexpectedly they had a lot of success.

Day 2

Interview to Mattia Donato, chef

I had the pleasure of meeting Cesaro atelier’s chef Mattia Donato while he was cooking for a wedding. He was very kind to me and he answered to some interesting questions:

–          Who choose the menu? Customers or chefs?

“We try to satisfy everybody orienting them to the same menu. There are customers more sophisticated than others, but we try to explain them that it’s impossible to content the personal tastes of every guest. For this reason we suggest a menu capable to satisfy the most refined tastes. Everybody like it: from the oldest to the youngest.”


–          What dishes are essential on the wedding table? 

“Cocktail di gamberi con salsa alla pinacolada, tartare di manzo profumata al tartufo, fagottini dal cuore fondente e porcini al timo con riduzione allo zafferano”


–          What courses are the most elaborate and complex to make? 

“There isn’t a course more complex than other. They have all the same time of preparation and the same difficulty. The only things that can be considered “difficult” are the weddings of Southern people because they have a lot of guests to satisfy!”


–          How does provider’s quality matter for your job? 

It’s very important to work with fresh and full quality foods. Provider’s quality probably counts for 70%”


–           Do you consider difficult your job? 

“It’s not very easy. It needs a lot of organization. You can’t make mistakes because people have to eat! In addition we work a lot of hours and weekends practically don’t exist for us.”


–          What’s the dish that you can make better? 

“Probably risotto. Some time ago I also wan a price for it”


–          What are the essential qualities of a chef? 

“Passion: you have to like what you do. Patience. Sacrifice. You have to find the bright side in everything, in every problem.”


–          How did you become a chef? 

“A lot of work changing different places. Experience.”


–          Why do you have decided to become a chef? 

“When I was young I wanted to become a surveyor. Then I tried to be a cook. I study to “Alberghiero” and then I discovered that I liked it.”


–          Economically speaking is the cook a profitable work? 

“Yes, I can’t complain about it. At the beginning I earned less than now but it’s a job in which you can grow up and advance your career and also increase your salary. The more your level is high, the more your salary is high ”


–          Can you still grow up in this job? 

“Probably not.. cooking for wedding is quite restrictive: you can’t experiment with new and very particular dishes because you have to be sure about the result.”


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