Cake-designers overview

“The sugar art, the art of spectacular cakes’ decoration with glaze, like sculptures”

In the sweet Italian world of desserts a new profession is making way: cake-designer’s job. It’ a real boom: people with different backgrounds and from disparate sectors aspire to become confectionery’s artists. The cake design’s art was born during ‘800 in Britain, when a mix of sugar and rose water (then replaced  by egg white) was discovered. When it was dry it became a sort of white “frost”, similar to ice and for this reason called  “sugarice”. Used for the first time during queen Victoria’s wedding, it started to be called “royal ice”.

This profession doesn’t have to be confused with pastry chefs: surely there are a lot of cake shops, bakeries and laboratories able to provide a good cake’s decoration service, but very often this job is exercised at home or in small stores in which cake designer has all the instruments and the materials. The professional cake designer doesn’t have to know how to prepare the cake, he only has to be able to make it beautiful, unique and perfect. To cover the cake with sugarice it’s not the only thing the cake designer is able to do: he shapes puppets, flowers, bows and everything you want. It’s out and out an art of sculpture! The question is: it’s possible to find a compromise between supreme creativity and Italian taste? It’s probably the eternal conflict between creativity and concreteness.

Searching on google cake designer, you’ll find a lot of names of famous artists and a lot of courses to become an expert on this sector. It’s probably the tendency of this age: a lot of experts on lifestyles and aesthetic elements creep in on tv, web, magazines and so on. Professional people can help you to organize your wedding ceremony from A to Z, choose your daily and nightly look, teach you how to prepare a good welcome to your visitors, furnish your house and so on. We’ll try to understand the reason of this enormous success.

The idea of someone who can be able to choose the best for you probably comes from American excess and stars’ lifestyle. Everything has to be perfect and spectacular but you haven’t the necessary time to do all without the help of someone who concentrates all his attentions on it. This is the reason why a lot of people trust on the aesthetic taste and capacities of the experts of this sector: time + perfection ‘s ambition. The cake designer’s profession meets perfectly these requirements, giving people what they want: spectacular cakes that will ever remain in the guest’s memories.

Accuracy, creativity, originality, ability, patience, talent are the essential qualities of a cake designer to realize customer’s desires and to show themselves in this world full of competition.

On this site there are some of the most important names of Italian cake design:

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