Cupacakes’ mania!

Are you fed up about the usual wedding cake? Don’t worry, there is a solution: a very strange tendency from United States  is able to make your dessert particular and original without renouncing to the taste and the beauty of the classical cakes: cupcakes. Cupcakes are nothing other than muffins covered by sugar paste. They are all placed on a solid structure similar to the levels of a cake or on others structures such as flowers and chandeliers to make it yet more original and scenic.

Cupcakes are a good opportunity for cake-makers to free their creativity and fantasy: they can mix colors and decorations and also add some decorative elements between every sweet such as petals and candles.  This is a way to modernize the ceremony and also to save money:  cupcakes are more practical than cake and it’s also easier to get the right doses for the guests! Everything depends on bride’s desires: are they linked to traditions or not? 

What’s the draw of cupcakes over the more traditional wedding cake? Everything is cuter in miniature! So, they are cheaper, cuter and more versatile than cakes. This is a very revealing example of the influence of trends on wedding stuff.

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