FOCUS ON: Real Time

Real Time is an international TV network proprietary of Discovery Networks Europe. The channel, started only on Sky, arrives in Italy through the free satellite platform TivùSat and the terrestrial foxglove. It is broadcasted 24 hours in 24 and tells in a carefree and light way free time in all its forms, talking about trends, relationships, home, trips, wellbeing, fashion, beauty and good food.

The programs visible in Italy at the moment are:

“Cortesie per gli ospiti”

“Wedding planners”

“Paint your life”

“Cerco casa disperatamente”

“Vendo casa disperatamente”

“Ma come ti vesti?”

“Chef per un giorno”

“Malattie misteriose”

“Cucine da incubo USA”

“Abito da sposa cercasi”

“Grassi contro magri”

“Matrimonio all’italiana”

“Chirurgia XXL”

“The cakes’ boss”

 “Dimmi di sì”


How it is linked to wedding stuff?

Talking about lifestyles, Real Time suggests some interesting programs about wedding stuff, trying to advise on it and to inform in a amusing way about the work behind this world.


    Directed by Angelo Garini and Ezio Miccio, Garini della Sforzesca’s owners (society for events and special weddings), this program tells about the secrets used to organize wonderful weddings. Thought complex and  several operations they show how to organize a wedding from A to Z giving it their special touch.  Garini, architect, and Miccio, designer, joined their competences giving life to their organization of special weddings: the spaces’ study, their use and the attention to details and styles are mixed to create original and suggestive scenographies. The love for the beautiful in all his tone is on the stage. Every moment of the day becomes an opportunity to amaze and entertain the brides and their guests: from the welcome ceremony to the cake’s cutting, the masterly lights and colors’ game, the surprising use of flowers and compositions make the “party” an unforgettable day.  So Garini and Miccio unified their two professionalisms: the first with his spaces’ study and use, the second with his attention to every stylistic detail. The philosophy of the couple is to realize every wedding with the same care of a theatrical premiere. Their love for the beautiful and art permit them to put on mountings from the more sophisticated historical reconstructions to the more modern and dynamic settings.


Probably every bride wants to know the prices of their work.  To have the participation of these two wedding planners, or wedding designers as they want to be called, is a real privilege, over than an onerous choice: they don’t work for less than 10.000€. Generally wedding planners get a commission on the operations done (from 5% to 15%) or a budget for their consultancy between 700 and 2000€. Some of them get the 10% of the total costs.  Garini and Miccio reckon in the cost their presence during the wedding and some decorations, like floral embellishments, but the costs easily rise as far as arrive to 20.000€. Asking them if they don’t think to be too expensive they answer that they optimize the budget: the same operations done by yourself probably should cost more. I’m quite doubtful about this…

Who are they exactly?

   Angelo Garini, from Milan, graduates in architecture at the Politecnico of his city. His passion for decoration, art and antique leads him to work in the field of interior design and period settings’ renovations. Following his love for flowers and good food realizes projects for scenographic mountings combining the life’s space with the reception’s moment.  

   Enzo Miccio, from Naples, transfers to Milan where he graduates at the European Design Institute. He starts his career in the fashion’s world and in the table’s mounting.  He loves to organize his events with the opera’s theatricalism caring for every detail like on a photographic set.


This sort of reality is on the stage from a little time so we don’t know too much about it. It tells about the organization of young Neapolitan couples’ weddings. Parallel to the tale of the way which will take the brides to the altar, the cameras go into the wedding dresses’ atelier and document the life into the laboratories, the dresses’ preparation and their show, the ambitions and the desires of the dressmakers of Naples. This program shows a wedding’s kind very different compered to the one showed by Garini and Miccio, giving more importance to the traditions and most of all telling about the feels and the lifestyles of the people behind the scenes: not the planners, but the professionals that give them the working materials!


   This is another reality which shows up one of the most moving moment before the wedding’s ceremony: the wedding dress’ choice. The location is the atelier Klenfield Bridal, the biggest one all over the world, in the heart of Manhattan. The qualified staff follows the bride step by step trying to make friend with her telling secrets and giving inspirations. 


It needs a more complex tale.. so see you soon at the next post!

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