A CESARO ATELIER’S experience (part 2)

Day 3

 I went to visit the room for wedding ceremony and the neighboring park. It was magnificently mounted for a wedding in the afternoon and I decided to immortalize the most significant particulars in the room to show the style of the atelier. Going down the stairs, beyond an amazing entry covered by velvety red curtains, you throw yourself in a big room for lunch/dinner full of precious details. The dominant colors are doubtless red, black and white. All the beauty and originality of this mounting is focused on the contrast between these three colors which give a smart and full passion atmosphere to the room.

All around the room there are the glass doors that are the passing to the park and give it the light, furnished also by the beautiful and architectonic glass “dome” on the roof. The tables are placed on the sides of the room leaving a big space in the centre in which the guests are free to move during the relaxing moments of the ceremony.  Every table is prepared in a very simple way, without excess and too sumptuous elements. In the centre of the table there is a wonderful flowers and candles centre-piece which recaptures the colors of the mounting. The most incredible thing is the bride’s table. It is prepared only for them and the most particular elements are doubtless the chairs:  they look like the two half of a heart. Behind this there is a very particular fountain with a sort of bubble’s cascade suspended in the air.

Details are the protagonists of the room:  from the tableau to the wardrobe everything is accurately studied to be part of a complex which makes the mounting wonderful and spectacular. Don’t’ forget the wedding favors: they are placed on a table in the room’s corner and they are absolutely coordinated with the theme of the mounting: small rectangular white boxes with a red ribbon contain them.  

After the main room, the ceremony continues on the outside, with the wedding cake’s cutting under a white and mounted gazebo absorbed in a beautiful and very neat park. Also the exterior architecture has a particular charm, with his circular forms and glass doors.

Interview to Cesaro atelier’s owner

He said me that he would have answered but I’m still waiting for this. Obviously this isn’t a place to enter into a debate…


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All the photos of the atelier are made by me.
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