Mini wedding cakes

From often unused wedding favors to eatable ones: a new trend!

From Britain and United States to Italy, mini wedding cakes are creeping in!

Ceramic, sugar paste or sponge cake mini wedding cakes are little miniatures of the main wedding cake. Packed in clear boxes with colored ribbons they are perfect wedding favors to remember at all the guests the look of the main character of ceremony: the cake.



They can be boxes too.



Or candles!



Miniature wedding cakes also look impressive as wedding table decorations or served as wedding dessert at the reception.



 Little cookies, wedding cake or wedding dress shaped, covered by sugar paste, are welcome as an alternative.  



However we’re talking about little confectioner’s artworks!


Blue and white, polka dot and stripe miniature wedding cakes



Creative mini wedding cakes



Mini wedding dessert that look like Christmas balls and decorations. Each ball is decorated with jewels, gems and pearls.



Retro mini blue and red wedding cake embellished with red flower motif and red fondant strips.



An ivory Victorian style wedding cake with mini wedding cakes to match. Each one has different designed patterns. They are the same look and size just like the top of the main wedding cake.

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