What about prices?

Some data

In Italy weddings are less and less: only 4 every 1000 inhabitants. The last official ISTAT data talks about a weddings’ reduction which continues since 35 years. On the other hand, if the weddings’ number is in drop, the trend which concerns the expense for the ceremony is opposite:  the Osservatorio Nazionale Federconsumatori reveals that the medium spending is increased to 40% in the last 7 years.

Let’s talk about food: statistics confirm that people spend a lot of money for the wedding reception and in particular for the wedding cake: the price is increased to 50%. The medium price of the cake is around 700€ to have the most scenic and beautiful wedding cake.


How to save money? Choosing alternative locations, low season, midweek dates, season flower and online invitations.  It’s possible to buy the wedding dress in a outlet, rent it or take it from the fashion runways.



Some time ago the word “marriage” reminded the female children that dreamt the wedding day to wear the white dress and the men that attended embarrassed in front of the altar. Today there are a lot of social issues like the divorce, the couples that break out after few months and the common-law marriages. Religion is wondering about the real motif which urge on people to get married: they really believe in this sacrament or not?


By now also in our country people get married in spectacular locations and think about  something that represents the couple and not only about  the runway to arrive in front of the altar. People is searching the “experience” factor. For the same reason that urge on people to spend their money travelling, they spent a lot for a day to remember for the rest of their life: they want experience something incredible.



On the other hand, if weddings are so expensive and only rich and well off people afford them, we can talk about wedding stuff as luxury stuff. We know that during the economic crisis the luxury products aren’t interested by it. The reason is that the crisis hits only poor people that just couldn’t afford luxury stuff.

So, weddings are decreasing because they are too expensive to be affordable for all and people stop to believe in this union. On contrary weddings’ costs are increasing because the demand is too low for the professionals of this sector to go to great expense; and because people who still get married prefer to exaggerate and not to save money (however they don’t need it).

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